Wearing dad’s glasses

Swimming in the summer

Flag Football and 100 Days of Elementary School

Okay, okay, I’ve been terrible at keeping this up to date ever since I got back on Facebook and had Clementine.

The first picture is the 100 days of school celebration at school.  The kids all made capes.  Here is Tucker in his:

The rest of these are pictures from the flag football game on Super Bowl weekend.

A few new pictures!

Tucker went on his first field trip with his elementary school!

Clementine at a party.

Tucker and mom right after he got his first skateboard!

Post swim activities

After the swim we went exploring. Aug 2, 2014 - Dad

At Brett and Wanni’s Farm

The entire family after mom ran a 5k!

Clementine with her auntie.

Clementine turns 1.

Tucker goes to Jedi Training and fights Darth Vader!

Tucker and I went to Disneyland yesterday.  He loves Star Wars and following are some pictures of him at the Jedi Traning Academy.  First, he is on stage during Jedi practice.  Next, he is fighting Darth Vader.  And, lastly, he is standing with all the other padawans.  They aren’t the best pictures, but hopefully you can all see something.