Tucker goes to Jedi Training and fights Darth Vader!

Tucker and I went to Disneyland yesterday.  He loves Star Wars and following are some pictures of him at the Jedi Traning Academy.  First, he is on stage during Jedi practice.  Next, he is fighting Darth Vader.  And, lastly, he is standing with all the other padawans.  They aren’t the best pictures, but hopefully you can all see something.

Random photos from the last couple months…

In an attempt to catch up a bit, following are some photos taken over the last couple of months:

This photo of Clemie was taken right before Christmas.

This photo of Tucker was taken at Disneyland around Christmas time.  And, another below from the same day.

Tucker and Tony putting up the tree.

Tucker on the balance bike in the back.

Tucker and his best friend Shea playing superhero!

Another trip to Disneyland in January, Auntie Laura taking the picture.

Tucker practicing his letters in the back.

Clemie looking super pretty, even though she didn’t feel well.

A Christmas family photo extra…

Tucker and Clementine at the park.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  Everyone has been sick off and on for a couple months and Clemie is teething.  But, I’m hoping we have now turned a corner!

Tucker on Thanksgiving day

Clementine Millie

Tucker and his friends

Tony and the kids

Tucker singing about Clementine.

Hearts and smiles.